Saturday, 25 November 2017

5 Things Everyone Should know about Thailand before Visit

  1.  Reputation 

Thailand has a reputation for inexpensive travel options, but because of political unrest in 2010 there has been a drop in tourism. Even though things have smoothed out and the country is safe again, tourism has not yet bounced back. This means lower prices and better services than ever. Going to Thailand now not only saves you money, but it helps reemploy the Thai people who rely on tourism for income.

2.DIVER’S Rules

The southern islands of Phuket are well-known for their amazing beaches, but less-known for what could be called a diver’s dream. Catherine Bodry from calls the water glass clear and a great place for diving and snorkeling. Inexpensive diving classes are widely available for people interested in learning the fundamentals.

3.Family and Kids. No Worries!

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4.Healthy food

Empty tuk tuks are lined up outside hotels and many of them are likely to spend all day there. The spruikers in front of tailor shops seem even more despondent than usual. And the workers outside the massage parlours shout out to me – “Mah-saaaaa-ge” – but their hearts are not in it.

5. Security and safety 

It’s an odd time to be in Thailand and posing with soldiers on the street is just a small slice of what’s happening here. I had commitments in Bangkok that were organised well before the coup that has led to martial law here. I decided to honour those commitments and it’s given me a good chance to see the reality of the situation here on the ground for myself. It’s also a good opportunity to share with you my thoughts on whether you should still travel to Thailand.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Egypt Attack Militants Killed more than 230 People at mosque north sinai

Militants killed more than 230 people at a mosque in North Sinai on Friday, detonating a bomb and gunning down worshippers in the deadliest such attack of Egypt's modern history, state media and witnesses said.

No group take responsibility of attack.

As Worshippers finished Friday prayer at the mosque when a bomb exploded, locals said. Around 45 gunmen set positions outside the mosque with vehicles and opened fire from different sides as people tried to escape.

State media showed images of bloodied victims and bodies covered in sheets inside the Al Rawdah mosque in Bir al-Abed, west of El Arish,A main city in North Sinai.

"Five groups of armed mens attacked the worshippers inside the mosque after Friday noon prayers. Three groups were firing at ambulances to deter them, said Mohamed, a witness.

The public prosecutors' office said in a statement 240 people had been killed and 114 more wounded.

Hours after the attack, Egypt's military launched air strikes on targets in mountainous areas around Bir al-Abed, security sources and local said.

"What is happening is an attempt to stop us from our efforts in the fight against terrorism, to destroy our efforts to stop the terrible criminal plan that aims to destroy what is left of our region."

Striking at a mosque would be a change in tactics for the Sinai militants, who have usually attacked troops and police and Christian churches.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Missing Russian helicopter found in Norway sea

The helicopter, which has been missing since Thursday, lies on the ocean floor off the archipelago of Svalbard, near Barentsburg, officials said by reporters. 
Norwegian police would now search for those on board, a statement said.

Norway has sovereignty over Svalbard but Russia has a small coal-mining community in Barentsburg.

Russia's consul in Barentsburg said five crew and three scientists were on board the helicopter, all Russians. They are all feared dead.
The helicopter went missing at 15:35 local time (13:35 GMT).
It was on a short flight to Barentsburg from Pyramiden, a disused Russian mining settlement. The helicopter is operated by a Russian coal-mining enterprise, Arktikugol.

Easy Trick If You Want to Remember Your Dreams Forever

Remembering your dreams after they happen, or being aware you’re in a dream while you’re having it can be fun, but not exactly easy to do.
Science Alert reports that only about half of us have been able to realize we’re in a dream while it’s happening, and only a fourth of people actually report having lucid dreams frequently. However, if you want to remember your dreams researchers have come up with a technique that might work for you. Their work was recently published in Dreaming.
Researchers looked at a few different processes that are thought to help with lucid dreaming. The front-runner in the group was a technique called MILD (mnemonic induction of lucid dreams).
The idea behind the technique is that you repeat the phrase “The next time I’m dreaming, I will remember that I’m dreaming” while you’re awake. While 18% of participants reported having lucid dreams when they did some of the other techniques, those using MILD reported a whopping 45% success rate.
There’s still a good chance it won’t work, but of the options out there this was the best bet.

By repeating the phrase before you head off to dreamland, you’re creating the intention in your mind that you will, in fact, remember your dreams. That could lead to a lucid dream, say researchers.
Even better, those that used this technique reported not feeling more tired the next day, unlike some of the other techniques tested, such as waking yourself mid-dream, that made participants feel tired the following day.
A 45% success rate certainly isn’t a guarantee that it will work for you, but if you’re on the quest for lucid dreams, it could be worth a try.

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Dodgers Tie Up World Series Game 4 Ratings Rise From 2016

For a baseball battle that was scoreless until the sixth inning, Game 4 of the 2017 World Series knock the drama out of the park in the end last night.

When the Los Angeles e Dodgers’ Joc Pederson delivered a three-run homer in the ninth inning, Game 4 went from grinder to jaw dropper at Minute Maid Park in Houston. A result that saw the Dodgers win 6-2 over the Houston Astros and break their two game losing streak to tie up the 2017 World Series 2-2.

A result that led to celebrations in packed establishments all over L.A., more than a few Halloween parties in the City of Angeles likely being more sparsely attended and some taking a rest from their Stranger Things 2 binge for the ball game. It was also a very good night for Fox.

First of all, after lagging behind the historic 2016 World Series so far, last night’s Dodgers vs, Astros match-up topped last year’s Game 4 between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians on October 29, 2016 by a tenth in the early ratings. In fact, last night’s Game 4 was the second best MM result the 2017 World Series has had so far, behind Game 2 on October 25 in L.A. It was also tied for the best Game 4 MM result since 2009.
Looking back past last year’s World Series, which saw the first Cubs victory in over 100 years, last night’s Game 4 beat Game 4 of the 2015 World Series by 14% in metered market ratings. Topping Game 4 of the 2012 and 2013 World Series, the Dodgers big win in Texas last night was also up 49% over Game 4 of the 2014 World Series when the Kansas City Royals played the San Francisco Giants.
Game to game, last night’s comeback for L.A. rose 2% over Friday’s Astros winning Game 3 in MM ratings.
Game 4 of the 2016 World Series went on to snare a 3.1/11 rating among adults 18-49 and 12.17 million viewers. The 2016 Game 4 was the most watched Saturday World Series game in over a decade.
Like last year, Game 5 tonight in Houston will see the pivotal MLB big game facing the NFL and Sunday Night Football on NBC with the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Detroit Lions as well as the 101st episode of The Walking Dead on AMC. Last year, going almost head to head the whole night, MNFended up with a night winning 8.2/22 rating in the key demo and 23 million viewers to the MLB’s 5.1/15 and 17.21 million.
So, either way, put it all out there on the field tonight boys!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Best funny videos of 2018


this is the place of funny videos world so why not to lough together we have some funny cat videos,youtube funny videos for kids,funny videos for kids, afv so lets see how funny these videos are.

Both sides in the referendum campaign have urged Scottish residents to ensure that they submit their registration forms to vote in the independence referendum as the deadline for registration looms. Would-be voters have until midnight on Tuesday to register.

• Scottish first minister Alex Salmond has put out a call for the so-called “missing million” who are not registered to vote to get out and harness “Scotland’s immense wealth”. The first minister said it was now an accepted fact that an independent Scotland would start off as one of the richest nations on earth.

• Alastair Darling, the Better Together leader, has said the best way to change Scotland was to remain in the United Kingdom, but for Holyrood to get new powers to redistribute wealth from the richest to the poorest. He spoke out as the pro-UK campaign launched a new series of billboard adverts aimed at undecided voters.

• Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender supporters of Scottish independence have published their Rainbow Paper, which sets out several ways in which equal rights could be progressed in an independent Scotland. The paper says independence will allow equality to be enshrined in a written constitution

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Imo Video Calls of Girls


today we will talk about imo video call. cause i have some famous funny videos of couple who were talking online on video calls and were captured by their friends and by themselves some of them are recorded in imo app and some through other apps. imo free videos calls and chat will be not showing in videos, skype free video calls and chat will be also included in it . so lets begin .